• Preventing Frauds through Voice Biometrics

    Call centres, especially in the financial sector, can significantly reduce frauds by installing voice biometrics solutions that work quietly in the background

  • Are You Safe against VUCA?

    Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity characterise any business environment today. High time Indian enterprises did something about it, says Rohil Sharma

  • registration

    Should a company look at a horizontal design for business intelligence applications or does going vertical make more sense? Read on By Sanjay Shah

  • Intelligence at the Door

    Moving intelligence to the door through IP-based access control reduces system failure points and streamlines system monitoring and management

  • Defending The Digital Life

    There has been a sizeable increase in both volume and sophistication of mobile threats, as PC-based threats have transitioned to mobile platforms By Sudhir Chowdhary