• BYOD: No Longer an Issue?

    If Bring Your Own Device is a growing reality of modern life, it makes sense to manage it well, says Rajesh Maurya

  • Abki Baar, Technology Apaar

    When you sit down to write an edit on the very day election results in the world’s largest democracy are announced, it is hard not to be touched by...

  • Data, Data Everywhere

    Not too far into the past, most people in most places on Earth would crib: not enough bandwidth, not enough bandwidth, not enough bandwidth… Those were the days when...

  • Desktop Virtualisation for SMBs

    Given their growing appetite for IT but limited resources, small and medium businesses can benefit enormously from desktop virtualisation, says Manish Sharma

  • Preventing Frauds through Voice Biometrics

    Call centres, especially in the financial sector, can significantly reduce frauds by installing voice biometrics solutions that work quietly in the background

  • Are You Safe against VUCA?

    Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity characterise any business environment today. High time Indian enterprises did something about it, says Rohil Sharma

  • registration

    Should a company look at a horizontal design for business intelligence applications or does going vertical make more sense? Read on By Sanjay Shah

  • Intelligence at the Door

    Moving intelligence to the door through IP-based access control reduces system failure points and streamlines system monitoring and management

  • Defending The Digital Life

    There has been a sizeable increase in both volume and sophistication of mobile threats, as PC-based threats have transitioned to mobile platforms By Sudhir Chowdhary