eGovWatch: Kanpur jail inmates to get Aadhaar cards


Aadhaar cards of 2,350 inmates of Kanpur Jail are expected to be made by next month, so that it becomes easy for investigating authorities to track down repeated offenders.

Personal information, including retinal and finger print scans, of the prisoners is currently being collected and a camp has been set up at the jail premises for the purpose.

The cards will help investigating authorities to track down repeated offenders, who have their cases pending and are lodged in Kanpur jail, faster by using the information fed in the database, Jail Superintendent P D Saloniya said.

The biometric information will also help police nationwide in tracking history-sheeters, he added.

Saloniya said information of more than 1,000 prisoners has already been fed in the database, while that of the remaining will be stored by the end of this month.