When we hear about cyber security breaches, they tend to be either about a hacker that got too smart to handle or a technology that got too small or old to look about. These stories get so much attention that victims too get incentives to talk about it. And then there are security breaches that do not hit the social media and main-stream news. These range from stolen credit card details to credentials of administrators with unlimited powers. Attackers, if they get in your organization, pretending to be you, what is the potential damage that you think can be?

It is in this context that Micro Focus and Express Computer are organising the round table on “Insider Threat Management” where we will be discussing about the latest digitization push that brings issues like users and their passwords, the access and the duration, Shadow IT and the shared privileged accounts, access breaches and the leaked data and various issues that are usually summed up under the umbrella term of Insider Threat.


  • Understanding “Insider Threat” and how it effects you.
  • Understanding the issues “Insiders” bring in the era of BYOD
  • A deep dive into the “nuts and bolts” of your Identities’ Management
  • Leveraging the unique integration of governance actions with user management.
  • The accesses users have, costs involved and creaks that leads to seepage
  • Shadow IT boon or bane – the issues that can be handled without breaking a sweat
  • Multi-Factor Authentication – Are you riding the wave of methods or gasping for help
  • Events and Incidents are noticed by the team when needed or when they happen

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