AI, ML can enhance resilience of digital systems, says National Cyber Security coordinator Gulshan Rai

Brain inspired cybersecurity system

National Cyber Security coordinator Gulshan Rai feels strictly following the cyber security processes will help in improving the resilience of the digital systems

National Cyber Security coordinator Gulshan Rai feels that while artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are far reaching innovations, there is a need to strictly follow cyber security processes as hackers can use information through these technologies to breach systems. Rai termed machine learning and AI as a double-edged technology, which although helps in identifying background processes, also provides hackers with information to breach systems.

“If we follow processes and properly interpret the results of AI or machine learning, we would be able to enhance the resilience of our digital systems and minimise impact of many cyber attacks,” he said. Rai was of the view that companies in the domain of cyber security must work more closely with government organisations like Indian Computer Emergency Response Team and National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre to secure the digital eco-system.