API development firm Postman launches platform for enterprise


The US-based API development firm Postman has released its enterprise platform called ‘Postman Enterprise’. Company said that this platform has been specifically design with additional security and support needs of enterprise customers. Postman Enterprise is basically build on Postman Pro, including Workspaces, that make organizing and managing multiple API development teams simple and secure.

“Postman Enterprise enables efficiency for any project size, covering the complete API development cycle with transparency and deep team collaboration,” said Ike Kotlyarsky, Java Full-stack Application Developer at BMW North America. “Job well done!”

Postman Enterprise comes with Single Sign-On (SSO), Audit Logs, Static IP for Monitoring and extended support and billing.

“Enterprises want the option for their developers to use Postman but within a secure and enterprise-controlled environment,” said Abhinav Asthana, Postman’s CEO & co-founder. “These organizations now have the option to make all of their API development faster, easier, and better with Postman Enterprise.”