Cybersecurity: NSE issues alert on Locky Ransomware


NSE today directed its members to keep a close watch on their operating systems for timely detection of ‘Locky Ransomware’ following a government alert on the spread of this malware. Rival BSE had also asked its trading members and listed firms yesterday to take preventive measures to protect their computer networks from the ransomware.

Locky Ransomware scrambles the contents of a computer or server and demands payment to unlock them, usually in form of virtual currency bitcoins. The latest alerts from NSE and BSE follow similar advisories about WannaCry and Petya ransomewares. “Keep the operating system third party applications (MS office, browsers, browser plugins) up-to-date with the latest patches,” NSE said in a circular.

It also suggested updation of firmware for all network components and network products, ensuring that anti-virus signatures are updated on all assets and blocking of suspicious IP addresses on firewall as well as of USB usage.

“As the future course of events with regards to this threat (Locky Ransomware) are not known, members are advised to keep a close watch on their systems to identify timely detection and remediation of this threat,” NSE said. The government on September 2 had issued an alert on spread of Locky Ransomware.