HDFC selects ACTICO for business rules automation

Business Automation

ACTICO has announces that HDFC, the largest mortgage finance company in India, has signed for ACTICO Rules for decision and business rules automation. HDFC will enhance decision automation in its existing business process with the help of ACTICO Rules to bring in more agility in the credit appraisal. This will help the organisation to keep up with the expectations of millennial customers in the current digital arena.

ACTICO Rules is a part of ACTICO’s Decision Management Suite for automating and optimising operational decisions. HDFC will be able to make quick changes in the configuration and deployment of business rules whilst reducing the iteration cycle between the business and IT.

“We believe that a platform partner like ACTICO can assist us in ensuring superior decisioning that will help quickening the approval process while maintaining the quality of assets which will help us to deliver enhanced customer experience,” said Arivazhagan, CIO, HDFC.

Ajit Shah, MD, ACTICO, added, “HDFC is a pioneer in housing finance in India and we are proud that they selected ACTICO Rules for decision automation. We see this as a long term partnership and HDFC as an anchor customer for us in India, a strategic market for ACTICO.”