L&T Infotech Selects Facebook At Work as its Collaboration Platform

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L & T Infotech becomes the first IT Services & Solutions Company to Adopt the New Platform

L&T Infotech, one of India’s global IT services & solutions companies announced selection of ‘Facebook At Work’ as its exclusive platform for collaboration across the world. Facebook At Work is an intra-organization collaboration and communication service based on the popular social media network. It is designed to enable effective and secure internal communications and networking within an enterprise.

“The initial results from Facebook At Work implementation are very encouraging. The platform is bringing our global teams closer, it is enabling a culture change, and it is fostering innovation across the organization” said Sanjay Jalona, CEO & Managing Director, L&T Infotech. “I am particularly pleased with how quickly the deployment was completed and how readily thousands of our team members have adopted it.”

Facebook At Work will connect more than 20,000 employees of L&T Infotech based across 23 countries. The organization-wide deployment was completed in just 30 days and the platform is already enhancing the effectiveness of employee engagement initiatives.

“The workplace is transforming rapidly and people are looking for ways to collaborate effectively and be more productive. We’re excited that L&T Infotech is embracing this change, by being the first IT services company to launch Facebook At Work to all 20,000+ employees,” said, Julien Codorniou, Director, Facebook At Work.

The features of Facebook At Work are similar to the Facebook platform and it has a familiar user interface but will be an intra-company service, restricted to employees within L&T Infotech. Within days of its launch, more than 1,000 groups have been formed to collaborate and exchange thoughts on wide ranging topics.

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