LyncBiz partners with CLANED to offer personalized learning in India

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CLANED, a fast growing Finnish education technology start-up, has partnered with LyncBiz to offer personalized education in the Indian market. CLANED applies in-house developed artificial intelligence and academically validated theories of education psychology revealing which factors impact individual learning. The firm tries to understand how learners learn and optimizes their study motivation and improves learning results.

LyncBiz is a specialized global sales management consulting firm helping products and services companies to engage, enable and execute their sales strategies for faster time to market and growth. “We are delighted to represent CLANED in India. The market for digital, personalized learning solutions is growing rapidly and CLANED has the next-generation learning
solution available already now”, said Yatin Kantak, the CEO of LyncBiz. “We are already seeing strong demand for the CLANED solution among education institutions, corporations and public sector.”

“We were very impressed by Lyncbiz’s experience, professionalism and vast connections in India. LyncBiz is a natural partner for us as we are dedicated to significantly scale up our commercial operations in India in close co-operation with LyncBiz”, said Vesa Perala, Founder of CLANED. CLANED is a free service for individual use. LyncBiz is now selling digital, learning environments to organizational customers who are interested in getting insights into the factors influencing learning and the power to modify these factors by revealing how students and employees learn in their organizations.

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