MetricStream launches cloud-based GRC

MetricStream has announced its latest innovation, the MetricStream M7 platform.  The M7 is a promising platform with a high degree of configurability, mobility and layering, reporting and analytics, and architecture which enables users to manage their governance, risk and compliance process. The platform is designed around three core principles: pervasive GRC, simple GRC, and GRC in the cloud.
Vasant Balasubramanian, Senior Vice President of Product Management, in conversation with Express Computer, said that it is designed to protect corporate brands and integrity via a cloud-based system. It does not empower enterprises only to preserve their corporate integrity but also does same for the individuals. M7, with its intuitive user experience, exceptionally allow individuals and enterprises to protect their brand, and excel business performance through GRC.
MetricStream’s GRC platform is used by more than 300 organizations worldwide which include large global banks, mid-sized banks, investment banks, insurance firms, federal financial agencies, asset management companies, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Energy and Utilities, Food, Retail, CPG, Government, and M7 adds much more to the GRC platform, which has been known for process, policies and controls earlier.
With this advanced innovation now, GRC is a true system of intelligence for high performers which allows them to check risk and opportunities chances capably said Balasubramanian.  Considering M7 as a bright feature of GRC, he further added that M7 is helping customers accelerate their GRC implementations with the acceleration of time to value.
Most of the companies these days are attracted towards adopting eGRC solution and services.  And, they look for a single platform which can serve their all the needs such as audit, policy, risk, and compliance management of an organization. The launch of such an innovative product, M7, is a strong effort from MetricStream to fulfill their needs and provide a fillip to eGRC market.