NEC Corporation launches data analytics platform for enterprises

Data Analytics

NEC Corporation has launched Data Platform for Hadoop (DPH), an integrated platform for collecting, storing, processing and analyzing data. Companies collect vast amounts of data from a wide range of data sources. To put that data into business action, they need platforms that can rapidly process, combine and analyze data. NEC Corporation is pitching NEC’s DPH for this.

According NEC DPH has already been deployed across a variety of sectors, ranging from the telecom field to finance and manufacturing, and it has achieved notable results in promoting digital transformation through new business models and product development.

In addition to existing “Data Storage & Processing” capabilities that provide centralized management for structured and unstructured data in a common platform, NEC reinforced DPH to include new features, such as “Data Collection” and “Data Analytics” to provide advanced analytics capabilities.

Data Collection includes real-time, management of dataflow design, the accumulation and storage of a wide range of data from relational databases and streaming systems, such as sensors and logs.

Company said, data Analytics enhance the value offered to customers by leveraging open-source-based analytics engines that can be integrated with AI technologies from “NEC the WISE” in the future.

In addition to “Data Platform Services” and “System Maintenance Services” that NEC is already providing, new “Data Integration & Analytics Services” are also being released.

These new services can be rapidly deployed for optimizing systems in accordance with customer needs based on DPH reference architectures. These services will be offered through NEC’s “Centre of Excellence for Analytics Platform and Solutions,” which recently launched in India.