Qualys helps financial institutions comply with RBI’s cyber security guidelines


Qualys Security Platform out-of-the-box capabilities automate assessment and reporting requirements for RBI compliance

Qualys, Inc, a provider of cloud-based security and compliance solutions, announced, it now supports the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) cyber security guidelines to help financial institutions in India address and report on a range of technical and procedural requirements using a unified security and compliance solution. Qualys will demonstrate these capabilities for automating RBI Compliance today at its user conference in Mumbai.

Exposure to cyber attacks and data breaches have increased significantly against India’s banks as they rapidly evolve and digitally transform. The RBI cyber security guidelines assist financial institutions in achieving a new-era preventative security baseline. Using the Qualys security and compliance platform, these financial institutions can easily address both the technical and procedural requirements for compliance and reporting without adding the cost or complexity of point solutions. The Qualys platform can be delivered to customers worldwide either from Qualys’ public cloud infrastructure, including from within India, or via a Qualys Private Cloud Platform (PCP).

“Significant automation capability with the right security tools is very important to gain a continuous view of banks’ compliance with RBI cyber security framework,” said Ashutosh Jain, Chief Information Security Officer at Axis Bank. This automation will not just minimize human error, but will also allow security teams in the banking, financial services and insurance industry to balance and better manage future changes to the framework with ease,”

“Today’s digital way of life puts immense pressure on financial institutions to provide both business flexibility and an unprecedented level of security for their customers’ financial information,” said Philippe Courtot, chairman and CEO, Qualys, Inc. “The new guidelines require banks across India to put in place a robust cyber security and resilience program to help them assess their security posture on a continuous basis, which Qualys delivers uniquely through its highly scalable security and compliance platform that can be delivered on premise or via the cloud.”

Qualys RBI Compliance Solution

Qualys enables banking organizations to more easily meet existing and new regulations such as RBI guidelines without the hassle of deploying, managing and integrating point security products from multiple vendors. The Qualys Cloud Platform incorporates more than 10 applications, all of which are delivered via the cloud, on top of Qualys’ infrastructure and core services. It features several unified turnkey solutions in one platform that allows customers to efficiently comply with the RBI Cyber Security Guidelines